Server finder. Please read, ill explain as best I can.

OK, disclaimer. Sorry if I ramble on but I'm really bad at explaining stuff. Also I'm not asking for someone to do the code for me xD Just asking the BEST way to do this.

So, I am using Visual Studios 2015. I would like to create a program that looks something like this: (this will be my reference for the rest of this) So First thing. The text box at the top left with the Add button. What I would like to do is make it so you would paste a link (Let's make that link joinserver:id.9999) and when you press add it would upload to a master server. NOW, when you press Refresh on the right, the link, joinserver:id.9999 will appear in that giant box. and it will be accessible by any one using the program that pressed refresh at that time.

So my main question is, how do i make it so when you add the link, others can see it? Any help, even if you think you don't know would be very nice.

by JamesBaconTaken via /r/csharp

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