Desktop Overlay Application?

Hi all – If any of you use Steam for online gaming you know that they have this neat overlay application that shows when you press Shift+Tab. The semi-transparent screen overlays your game and there are some different features you can quickly access while playing. I have an idea for a desktop application and I […]

AvalonDock, MahApps and C# 6

Hey there, I have been having issues getting AvalonDock not to crash (Extended WPF Toolkit Community Edition) the WPF designer. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue, also for whatever reason when including MahApps.Metro, it will say that the Resources cannot be found with a underlined squiggly (I think that's how that's spelled) […]

C# animation in WPF

I hope someone here could point me in the right direction . I am trying to get 2 Ellipses to move on screen(canvas) with coordinates from 2 Wiimote devices . The coordinates will need to be recorded so it would be best if that can be done in the animation method . So far i […]