MVVM – View binding directly to model properties? Why not?

Sorry for pasting this inline, but I can't access pastebin at work. Here's a tiny contrived (and incomplete; this computer doesn't have VS on it) WPF example to demonstrate my question.

class Model // normally would implement INPC for better performance but I'm lazy here { public string A {get; set;} public string B {get; set;} } class ViewModel : VMBase //INPC, SetField { public ObservableCollection<Model> Models {get; set;} private Model _SelectedModel; public Model SelectedModel { get { return _SelectedModel; } set { SetField(ref _SelectedModel, value); } } public ViewModel() { Models = new ObservableCollection<Model>(); Models.Add(new Model {A = "Foo", B = "Bar"}); Models.Add(new Model {A = "Baz", B = "Ref"}); } } /* <Window ...> <!-- sets datacontext to instance of ViewModel --> <StackPanel> <ListBox ItemsSource="{Binding Models}" SelectedItem="{Binding SelectedModel}"> <!-- elided: template to concatenate .A and .B and use as display --> </ListBox> <TextBox Binding="{SelectedModel.A, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" /> <TextBox Binding="{SelectedModel.B, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" /> <TextBlock Binding="{SelectedModel.A}"/> <TextBlock Binding="{SelectedModel.B}"/> </StackPanel> </Window> */ 

When you edit the TextBox contents, the entries in the ListView and TextBlocks update immediately and automatically. Well and good.

Various corners of the internet tell me that I am Doing It Wrong here, by coupling the view directly to the model's properties. From a purist point of view I guess I can see the point; the problem is I'm having trouble envisioning a future maintenance situation where this would actively fuck me over any worse than if I'd had proxy properties in the viewmodel to interact with/bind to instead.

My question then is this: what sort of situations would cause me to wholeheartedly regret binding in this manner? It's proven the easiest way to deal with lists, collections and selected items to me.

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