Interview Horror

I recently had a interview test composed entirely of c# gotchas and edge cases. The interviewer said it was his way of being "objective". My thoughts were: "No, this rationalizes and justifies in your own mind your personal bias". But I left him to his satisfaction at cracking the code of how to infallibly asses programmer skill.

This was for a lead dev position for a well known company, so clearly initiative should be prized higher than sycophancy, so I challenged him on this and explained the test did nothing to positively assess the knowledge I used on a day to day basis and that most gotchas can be avoided by simply avoiding the pattern that leads to the issue. For instance, there were a number of problems with classes that had a static constructor as well as an instance constructor. My solution to this is simply to use a better pattern. Or in other words "if you don't want your nuts bitten off, don't put them in a Lion's mouth" (I used more professional terminology in the interview).

I went on to explain that I thought his plan to run the project without any Testers or BA's was frankly fucking bonkers (I used more professional terminology in the interview) and he brushed this off by explaining that the successful lead dev candidate would need to work long hours without passing essential work off onto others (meaning I was expected to BA and test the project and presumably take the rap for its colossal failure). This is a finance company that have more cash than they know what to do with who could easily afford to make robots out of solid gold and diamonds to do their testing let alone outsource for a fistful of rupees.

The interview then concluded with a section in which I was asked to give a talk on any development topic using a permanent marker and flipboard. To begin the presentation I explained, by way of apology, that this is something I am never required to do in my day to day and that my handwriting is barely legible at the best of times. I do consider myself to be a very capable communicator, but he was trying to challenge me and was interrupting at inappropriate times and asking me to explain things over and over. This put me in a difficult situation where I had to be courteous to the interviewer but at the same time, with my lead dev hat on, I should have been stern with a staff member that was basically trying to test my patience by being an annoying little shit.

Anyone else had any experiences like this? This was a good company to work for, but I'm starting to think I will get off lightly by not having to endure this obviously deluded nightmare manager?

edit: finally perfection. Wait…

by Moralocalypse via /r/csharp

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