I feel pretty comfortable with most things about c# but I still don’t get how to use a delegate. I’ve seen all kinds of videos on it, read many chapters for difference books. Also, how do I avoid going back to classes to add modifications?

For Delegates, I get that They are a theoretically. But I've only seen a use for it in WPF but can't begin to imagine where I add it.

My project gets a lot of sales information. So I am FIRST– trying to store it in SQL and map all the relationships in the data.

It will pull get some information on internet and process it into appropriate tables.

NEW PROBLEM: As a particular design problem…I used the index of my product description table to keep an int. There are less than 9,999 products. So I kept 1-999 indexed item as my Known bestsellers. 1000-4000 as regular core items. and 5000 -10000 as what ever is seasonal and not of major interest. I use these as identifiers of indexes in other tables. Now some of my items from 1-999 got discontinued. Now I can create a new number say 9000-9999 are discontinued items OR should I just let some main set has data being analysed.

Maybe I should have just kept a non segregated index. But this made it much easier to query and work behind them.

I fix one end of the program to working order and when I get that working something in some other class breaks and I have to keep jumping from sql to wpf to mathLibraries to ef6 and I'm feeling under-and-over-whelmed at the same time.

Oh, and don't let me forget to my mention my extreme struggle in charting. And the 2 days I spent learning regex expressions (I don't even remember most of it)

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