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There is a need for a method called TestBank that will serves as a test harness for the bank. It will create instances of the account classes and perform tests on the management of the account balance that they provide. The tests should be used to make sure that when a user pays in and attempts to withdraw funds the system always behaves correctly. The following tests have been suggested: Create an account and make sure the initial balance is zero

Create an account with an empty name string and make sure it is rejected

Create an account with an initial balance value of -50 and make sure it is rejected

Create an account with a balance of zero. Pay in 50 pounds and make sure that the balance is now 50 pounds.

Write the C# code for the TestBank method. Helpful comment for this question: TestClass implementation of each test. Ideally provide an error counter so that the tests can be performed automatically

So i've done unit testing for this question(Each test was a different test method) and made a single method called testbank(consisting of a for loop and a switch-case statement). I was wondering which one is the right solution between the two of them? i'm having a very hard time interpreting this question? Which i why i'm seeking help from more experienced problem solvers

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