Help with basic dice game

So im making a basic dice game. The user inputs a bet amount. if that amount is less than their bank amount then they can play. In the buttonRollDice i have the random numbers set up for three dice but i need for that number to correspond to an image of a dice face eg If the random number rolled is == 1 ON ANY OF THE DICE then the image (dice1) will appear. This happens for all the die rolled.

I'm new to C# and have tried for hours to figure this out but i can't. Previously i had a long list of if, else if, else statements

 (if (PLAYER_DICE1 == 1) { pictureBoxDice1.Image = new Bitmap(dice1); } 

but if the second die rolled was also a one, that picturebox was already filled with a die so you would see no change.

And i have no idea how to move an image around a picturebox if i wanted them to all be in one picturebox but at different coordinates..

if im not clear please tell me, but i need help!

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