AVL Tree implementation

Hi guys, I noticed that there is no good implementation of AVL tree, written in C#. There are either partial implementations or not working ones. I developed sufficient implementation of basic AVL tree features and i like to share it with you, to get some feedback. I'll be glad if we start a discussion. My implementation can be found in my Extended Collections project in github: http://ift.tt/1Pvi8cV . About the AVL tree: It's basically self-balancing binary tree. I won't copy-paste you wikipedia, if someone wants to read more: http://ift.tt/1sYDJD2 I sincerely hope that this will be helpful to someone 🙂 Georgi Karadjov http://ift.tt/1Pvi78Z

by gogokaradjov via /r/csharp

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