I need to change a field in a ViewModel from another class statically (MVVM)

My XAML <ImageBrush ImageSource="{Binding FillTextSource}" > ViewModel public string FillTextSource { get { return _fillTextSource; } set { _fillTextSource = value; OnPropertyChanged(); } } So I need to change FillTextSource in a different class, but I need to do it statically. So something like ViewModel.FillTextSource = "ThisIsAGreenThing"; I think i've got something terribly wrong somewhere… […]

UI Framework

Trying to create an app that can resemble something like "the link" for my project https://soundcloud.com/ So i was wondering if there are any great UI Frameworks for C# out there. I have read a lot at the forums but none of them seems so great to start with. by xfunkyx1 via /r/csharp