Is it possible to make a generic object that can implicitly call the members from either of two distinct but often identical namespaces (ODBC and SQLClient)?

I have a DataConnection class that encapsulates a significant amount of the functionality from SqlClient. Now I'm finding I need to make this work for ODBC as well. No problem, right? I'll just do a one to one replacement -> SQLCommand to ODBCCommand, SQLConnectio to ODBCConnection…. works fantastically. Except unbelievably slower and crappier. Well, I […]

Try and Catch block error

So I made this program which allows users to key in their infomation into textboxes which will be stored in a database when addButton is clicked. Program is working fine when using the following code: However, after inserting the try and catch blocks: The error message box shows up every time I click […]

Help with UML

Hi there. I'm pretty new to programming and just recently started learning C# as my first computer language. In the resource I'm reading, I'm in the section talking about UML and it gives a quick example. Seen here. UML The text briefly describes what UMLs are in general. From what I understand this is a […]