How to get exception messages in English on a multi-language application?

So I've been trying to get exception message information in English on my application that has its UI culture set to other languages. I basically need this so that if a user is using the application in another language and an application crash occurs, the error log sent to the developers is in English. Here is my stackoverflow post on my problem which has more details and code snippets:

It feels like I've looked at just about every page relating to this problem but haven't actually found a real, workable solution and the only reply I got to my SO post was pretty much useless. It seems like this may just be a .NET issue that there really isn't a good solution for but I thought I'd try posting here before I give up. In the meantime, my workaround is using the Microsoft Translate API and just translating my errors that way. I also wrote a script to query the site to get all of their error messages and translations but it isn't the most practical solution since it would take 30+ hours to complete the query (based on how much it finished in 1 hr) and then I would still have to write a bunch of regex's to account for formatting things like '{0}'. I have also tried the Google translate API (but it isn't free) and the free version which submits a request through url, however that is very quirky and doesn't always work.

I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions!

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