Bit of help please

I'm new to c#, and i've spent hours trying to solve what most people i think would find easy. Basically i'm given a sentence 'i love to spend my summer coding' for example. i need to develop a program so that i can enter in 'summer' and it would present me with it's position in […]

Best practices: TransactionScope

Some helpful links: Introduction: All about TransactionScope Circumstances under which TransactionScope escalation to the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) takes place Gotchas: using "new TransactionScope()" considered harmful Gotchas: async TransactionScope only supported >= .NET 4.5.1 and async option default is not supported (Suppressed) Microsoft's recommendation to use TransactionScope Know of any other gotchas/best practices? by shelakel […]

Anybody got experience or ideas for deploying EF code first migrations to a DB used by load balanced web servers?

Hi C# crew! I'm currently pushing for my new workplace to start using a proper ORM, namely EF code first. There's some concerns about how we'd go about deploying schema changes to our DBs when they're shared by 4 load balanced web servers, which we act upon in pairs. Whenever you have a code/DB discrepancy […]