What are your most common programming mistake (C#/.NET)?

Hey guys!

As the title; what are your most common programming mistake that you keep coming back to? It can be anything as long as it is related to programming; although the focus is on .NET and C#.

I'm going to collect your comments and write a summarize/post later on for newcomers on how to avoid these mistakes that we all do.

For myself I think that my most common mistake is that I tend to focus too much on the key parts of a project right away instead of finding my way towards the key part by coding everything else necessary to make the key part easier to create/make possible. I then usually end up evolving the project around the key part instead of making the key part just a part of the project.

As well for always trying to take the easiest/most comfortable way of reaching the goal and then; if I get enough time. I try to improve what I've got. (This may be good and/or bad depending on the situation).

Leave a comment, don't be scared 🙂 Everything is appraciated!

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