Looking for a particular c# .net guide that fits my criterias

Hey, I haven't been doing c# for a while.. been doing javascripting instead.

Now I want to start using c# with the .net library again. However I don't want any beginner tutorial that goes indepth into what an integer is whats a float.. I just want something the briefly gets my memory back on what polymorphism is etc.. Because I'm a bit rusty and don't remember everything so well.

I just want to get back into the thick of the action quickly and feel confident in my c# skills.

Then I want to use c# with .net and create a program using the http://opencv.org/ to take screenshot of my desktop (already have old code lying around from an old project I worked on so I know how to take screenshot already but I need to learn to use opencv still to analyze the screenshot to locate specific pixels.

Then I will process info and then I want to emulate keyboard and mouse.

by merlinswordsmale via /r/csharp

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