I’m back with another problem and this time, about Repeaters.

We have been given a task to create a dynamic way to show the Plants > Sales Office > Items in that Sales Office, So we used nested Repeaters.

Then we need to update textboxes generated from a different Repeater when the textboxes inside the third-level Repeater we just made are changed.

The problem here is that the textchanged event of the Textbox inside the Third-level repeater is not firing. And I'm thinking that this is the least of our problems regarding this kind of setup.

With this setup, if ever we made the event fire, how are we to determine the right textbox from the other repeater to update?

And will it update?

If what I said is still unclear, you can further ask me. Hope you guys can help me again. Thanks.

by Arcusremiel08 via /r/csharp

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