I find most of the apps I develop these days end up in pretty close to the same basic shape, so I started extracting the common bits.


It's usable, but barely. My goal is for this to become a production-ready framework I can use when I start a new project. I'm a fan of DDD and I hope this will let me start writing the stuff that matters and let the infrastructure get out of the way.

I'm building a sample e-commerce app along-side the framework. I almost exclusively use ASP .NET MVC and EF these days, so that's what the sample app uses, but I hope it's clear from the code how easy it is to swap out the UI and persistence for whatever you want.

I plan to add an event handling system, I'm working on cleaning it up. There are some tests I still need to write for the sample app too.

Any feedback is welcome, thanks for checking it out!

by Thornsten via /r/csharp

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