Help: Windows Store App View PDF

I am wrapping up my first Windows 8.1 store application written in C#. However, I am stuck on my last task before testing. I would like to populate a listview with PDF's that are in a folder within my assets folder ("assets/PDFs/"). I would like when a listview item is clicked that it load the appropriate pdf file within a grid on the right side of the page. I really only want these pdf's as readonly, no editing capabilities.

I am not finding any good solutions for this. It looks like Windows 8.1 can convert a pdf to an image, but the documentation on that is limited and the MSDN example seems to be broken on my machine. The plugin solutions are mostly focused on editing PDFs and are pretty expensive.

TLDR: Does anyone have any tips for just viewing a PDF inside a windows store C# application?

by sk8rgui via /r/csharp

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