[Help required] Trying to implement OAuth in windowsphone 8.1

Sequence of event is like this

1. In MainPage.cs following function is fired with the click of the event:

 WebAuthenticationBroker.AuthenticateAndContinue(myStartURI, myEndURI, null, WebAuthenticationOptions.None); 

2. With this windows opens which asks user to authenticate the application

3. Once authenticated the following function is called in App.xaml.cs:

 protected async override void OnActivated(IActivatedEventArgs e) 

4. Above function in turn calls following function in ContinuationManager.cs :


5. Now Iam back on the page (MainPage) automatically.

Question is why the function ContinueWebAuthentication(WebAuthenticationBrokerContinuationEventArgs args) which exists in ContinationManger.cs is never fired?

Where the missing chain link?

by msvtrove via /r/csharp

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