Future-proofing my career with C#?

I searched for a similar topic but couldn't find any discussions newer than a year.

Currently I work in enterprise e-commerce, using a proprietary language that is similar to Java. I know I won't be here forever, so there is some concern on working with a closed platform.

I'm wondering if C#, since it's been open sourced and runs on OS/X, is the language I should begin to hedge with? Is C# usage on the rise or in a trough? Is this a language that will still be in use in 10 years?

I hacked around with C# in college primarily writing Desktop applications, so I'm sort of familiar with it. The familiarity draws me towards it, but also it seems to have real prospects to be around long term.

What are your thoughts on this?

by BackInTowny via /r/csharp

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