Will someone defend Windows Forms (and ASP.NET forms)?

I've been a .NET C# guy for 7/8ths of my roughly five-year professional career. (The other eighth is majority PHP, with dabblings in other languages.) I view Windows Forms and the event-driven backends they use as largely outmoded, for several reasons:

  • In terms of human interaction, there is veritably nothing a WinForms app cannot do that a website can do, and do better. (Exceptions, such as accessing the client filesystem, do exist, but are smells for bad architecture, at least in business applications.)
  • Console applications are important for automation, but inputs, when required, should be supplied on the command line.

I also have little to no use for ASP.NET, at least from the standpoint of building website interfaces. I view the development of ASP.NET as a way to provide a similar structure to WinForms apps for those who are used to them. I prefer to write simple HTML pages and use AJAX calls in JQuery to interact with .asmx controls and custom WCF services.

I say all this from the perspective of a full-stack small business programmer; obviously this doesn't apply to those building end-user applications or games. Do you have any thoughts?

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