Trouble installing Tools for Universal Apps in VS2015 RC


I just installed the VS 2015 Community Edition Release Candidate and wanted to dive into some Universal-Apps development.

If I want to create a new project for universal apps, a download page from microsoft openes and I downloaded the tools. The file is named "VSToolsForWindows.exe".

However, I then get errors while installing: "Tools für universelle Windows 10-Apps (Windows SDK 10.0.10069) : Dieses Produkt wurde nicht erfolgreich heruntergeladen: Gecachte Datei wurde nicht gefunden. "

Translated: Cached file could not be found

I also get those problems with Android SDK and things like that.

I tried to install those tools via the initial setup of VS 2015, but then I got those errors and VS got installed without those features. Then I tried the modify installation, but I got the same error. The third step was this download page which you get to if you try to create a new universal apps project. The fourth thing I tried was to install windows 10 sdk and emulator on my own (was some stackoverflow post), but the emulator setup doesn't work. I also can't create such a project now.

Did anyone run into the same problem?

I'm running Windows 8.1 64bit by the way. I also have enough disk space to install those things.

Thanks in advance!

by Moercy via /r/csharp

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