The right way for conditional statements and controllers?

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I'm building a weather app, the app gets data from a json data feed and then uses the data to display propeties. For example the direction the wind is currently blowing.

The life cycle of the object

starts off null > get json data > become property of json data > convert to int > event fired > check condition > select empty string > json data populated > string updated > event is not fired. (I'm not sure as to why thought.)

I have been trying to figure out what's going wrong with my value controller class. Recently I have been able to setup a simple switch statement to a primary controller class this then returns back an image on the screen based on json data pulled from a json string. I have attempted to replicate the same with the wind location data, however this time using if statements to plot what image that should go on the screen and converting the string to an intger at the class level. However for some reason the event handler PropertyChangedEventHandler is not firing after the Property has changed successfully to a new string type (the data changes to 320 however the event handerly wont refire the property as being changed from null.). I'm wondering how can I fix this? I noticed that a blue brick is being displayed when the object is being bound using this converter class (however the one that was successful had a wrench icon.)

Here's the source code

I'm open to suggestions, Many Thanks Oliver

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