Review my 1st release TARG 2.0 (Temporary Admin Rights Granter)!


Please review my first 'real' project release.


I have been coding on/off for years but never really stuck with it and this project is my first release which is also being used by my company's help desk. TARG 2.0 is used to grant administrative rights to user's in a domain environment for a specified period of time. Once time expires rights are removed using a scheduled task.


When I first started I had NO idea how to approach writing this utility. I wanted to improve on the original program written by another author in VB .Net 2.5. I did not have access to the original source code but got a good start by reviewing the EXE in ILDASM.

-Needed to allow granting rights to user's on VPN (original did not support)

-Needed to support french language host's.

What i've learned:

Firsty, I realized I have A LOT more to learn about programming constructs in general, especially cleaner code (still in process). I had little knowledge about creating Classes and how they work especially when creating Data Objects and sharing the data among other classes. I had to learn most everything from running WMI queries to parsing / cleaning text output. Beginner's use of DirectoryEntries, Querying Active Directory, SC.EXE, SCHTASKS.EXE. **Adding my own touch takes A LOT of extra time! I would have spent a lot less time on this if I had just used a basic form layout. I also kept getting to a point thinking "well I have a decent working application" until I run into some issue or just say "well… maybe I can do this better."

What I hope to gain from this:

I hope this tool can be useful to others and I tried to keep it modular / open to allow for any necessary modifcations.

***Most importantly I am looking for any constructive feedback. I know I have a lot to learn and this project took much longer than expected.

Please let me know what you think of the project. Areas where I can improve. How long would it take you to write a similar project (bare bones -or- to your satisfaction)?

Thanks all!

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