PHP versus ASP.NET (C#)

Our company is looking at hiring a developer to make custom web applications to replace our current system that does not meet all of our needs. Its the largest suite of programs that we use and we are expecting at least a year will be required for development time. We will be managing it ourselves afterwards.

As of right now we're tossing back and forth PHP and ASP.NET using C# and are trying to decide what would be the best solution. I know PHP get's a lot of flack but has improved pretty dramatically over the past years. What we're having problems with right now is finding some good data on the two. I can't find much usable information from any time recently on the two comparing usability or performance.

If anyone here can provide some input from experience then that would be helpful. Unfortunately we are split 50/50 in the office in favor of PHP and ASP.NET. Thanks.

by Roymachine via /r/csharp

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