What would be a decent “poor man’s code contract approach” in the absence of support for System.Diagnostics.Contract?

I ask because I would like to use a code contract approach in an earlier version of .NET that doesn't have Systems.Diagnostics.Contract support (i.e. in Unity3D, where it's more-or-less .NET 2.0 support, well before Contract was introduced). I'm thinking: Contract.Requires = asserts at the top of methods Contract.Ensures = asserts at the bottom of methods […]

Assistance with SMTP

I would like to send an email using google SMTP. Ive made an Email class with an email method which accepts an object(which contains details to be included in the email) and the recepient's email as a string When I googled how to use SMTP all I seemed to find were articles with complete code […]

Any good resources for terms?

Sometimes the word I'm looking for to describe a concept eludes me. Does anyone have a go-to resource (dictionary/glossary, etc.) of computer science terms? Today's brain-fart: A word to describe a module that is completely self-contained and relies on no external resources to perform its task. by ex-mo-fo-sho via /r/csharp