Need some help making a UI like MS-Word for a screenplay writing software.

This is the look I'm trying to replicate using visual C#. Anyone know of any plugin / other open source code that I can use in my own project? I won't need too many formatting features. I just want a page layout in my forms just like the one shown in the pic. A Stack Overflow member noted how it's a fool's errand to try and replicate it myself. I was wondering if someone knew of a way for me to do this.

How do I get the MDI child forms to act like pages (as shown in pic) instead of rigid forms?

I'm trying to make a more customized version of the Final-Draft software (shown in the pic). Hence, this feature is critical. Is there any way I could achieve this using Visual C# 2012? Also, what are my best options if not?

by S0mu via /r/csharp

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