MS SQL, Entity Framework Deployment

Hello –

I have a question about Deploying a database to an environment. Here is what I'm looking to do:

I'm developing a module for PowerShell and I want to store everything(code, database, GUI, etc..) in my companies GitHub account. For developing the model, I will be using Entity Framework 6 because I just find it way easier to develop with Code-First than writing SQL all day long and figuring out the relationships manually. What I would like, is to provide a way for my PowerShell script to pick up the latest database by using a cmdlet (or in the future a GUI). Kind of a "Get-CurrentDatabaseFromGithub" cmdlet (the cmdlet would reach out and download the latest database version).

What can I do to facilitate this kind of operation? I can't have Visual Studio on the machine this will be run on as well. Any links describing comparable solutions would be helpful as well.

Thanks guys.

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