Looking for suggestions / resources for building logic/algorithms & data structures

So I have been coding on and off for a while and have built a few applications most < 500 lines of code mostly command line. I recently wrote my most in depth application a 3000+ line windows form tool that grants temporary admin rights on remote machines. However I have come to realize I need to work on my logic/algorithms & data structures. While looking into interview questions I see plenty of questions that require a lot of focus on this.


While I am capable of solving beginner / intermediate examples I have found on the web I feel like it is taking me longer than it should to come up with a solution. I have 1 year formal college education in C++ and took advanced math in highschool but haven't used any of it in 10 years.


I am looking for any resources that might help be take a better approach at building algorithms. Maybe material that discusses ways to look at and break the problem down as well as step by step instructions through solutions.



by xxsiriusxburnxx via /r/csharp

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