How can I identify a good Windows/C# developer?

We have a large existing C# app which was not written by a software engineer (i.e. it's full of software anti-patterns) nor by an experienced Windows dev. It needs refactoring by an experienced C#/Windows developer, so we want to hire one.

I am an experienced Ruby/Java/Perl/C on Linux software engineer. I know how to identify good software engineering practice, but I don't know the special nuances and idioms of C# and Windows. I know skills are transferable, but I think you'll agree that experience with a platform is really invaluable when it comes to debugging, performance, avoiding undocumented traps etc.

Can any of you suggest how I might identify someone who knows the platform well over someone who might be good at "talking the talk"?

Thanks heaps for your time and suggestions.

by s_m_c via /r/csharp

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