Help understanding what classes to study to accomplish an assignment.

Hello all. I’m having difficulty with where to start with a project/assignment I’m working on. I was hoping someone might be kind enough to give me pointers and specific classes to look-up so I might better understand how to accomplish this task. I realize this might not be the place to ask such a vague question, but I don’t know of anywhere else it may be appropriate. I’ll describe the assignment and what my current approach is.

Create a winforms application that handles scheduling for a sporting league. The league should have teams, and players that belong to those teams. You should also be able to schedule teams to play against each other. Players should have a name. Those players should belong to a team that has a name. Players belonging to a team and teams should be able to be added or deleted as wanted.

My approach to this application was first to understand what objects it’ll require.

Player – With a string containing the players’ name.
Team – With a String containing the team name, but also a list of strings containing each player that belongs to that team.
Schedule – A String for each day of the week, and the ability to match up teams on any given day.
League – Report on any team’s schedule.

I feel like I understand what I need to do, I just don't know how to get there. I'm willing to do all the research necessary to do this project I just don't understand how to make the objects in this code interact. So I create a list of players, how do I create a team out of that list, and then furthermore how should I go about matching those teams against each other? I feel so stressed! Agh! A guiding light would be so much appreciated.

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