Getting List reference from object instance and PropertyInfo

I have an instance of an unknown object and I am iterating through it's properties, I must retrieve each instance of each property, currently this is my solution:

private static void WriteMembers(object arg, XmlWriter writer, object[] attributes) { foreach (var property in arg.GetType().GetProperties()) { if (attributes.All(x => x.GetType() != typeof (XmlIgnoreAttribute))) { if (property.GetIndexParameters().Length > 0) { //how to get list reference? } else { var value = property.GetValue(arg, null); if (value != null) { WriteMember(value, property.Name, writer, property.GetCustomAttributes(false)); } } } } } 

But I can't use PropertyInfo.GetValue to get the list reference because it throws TargetParameterCountException since the list has an indexed property.

How can I retrieve the list instance in this snippet?

by blacblu via /r/csharp

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