Get comments using InstaSharp.

Hello all. I am looking for a little help getting comments from Instagram using the InstaSharp library. I have searched everywhere for solid documentation but everything I've found seems to not work for what I need so far so I am turning to my reddit brethren for assistance.

What I am doing is writing a program that will get comments from Instagram from a single users profile. The logic flow is this:

Every X minutes Scan user X's profile For each of the last 10 posts get the current comments Save the comments to a text box.

I have registered my app with Instagram and have my client ID, Secret ID, and even found my access token. The InstaSharp DLLs are locked and loaded but aside from that I have a lot of InstaSharp code in my program but none of it really makes any sense to me so any help would be appreciated beyond what I can express here.


by Pandemonium1x via /r/csharp

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