Code Review – My project for inserting documentation headers into source code files

Hi everyone!

I've made a small .NET library for inserting documentation headers at the top of source code files. Project page here. It would be awesome if any of you could give me some constructive criticism on it.

To give a little background/discussion topic on this: I use style cop at home, and hate it when I can't satisfy the header rule without copy/pasting headers. I'm aware that you can change the rule set, but I didn't want to do that. And I didn't want to learn how to use snippets or anything else like that.

The SourceHeader project I've made simply allows you to include some classes, parse a header file if you have one, and write some text to a/many file(s). In there, you can also include variables so that you can automate things like the date a file is created, who the author is, etc.

The best part of this (I think, personally) is that it's not restricted to C#, and .NET languages for that matter. The library is .NET, but you can make a small program using the library that can fit easily into your build script(s).

So please, tell me what you all think! This is the first independent project I've taken seriously since graduating college, so be gentle 🙂



The project is nowhere near done. There are a few things I've been thinking about implementing, and I know that I need to add many more test cases. The test cases that are present now were just the most obvious cases I could churn out.

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