Would anyone have an issue with me posting a job opening?

I am a long time redditor and I would like to respectfully post a position in the Boston area that I can't seem to find a qualified candidate for. I've gone through about 60 resumes, 15 phone screens, and three in persons and I just can find someone with the experience and passion for software development that my firm is looking for.

If this is a faux pas or somehow against the rules then I sincerely apologize. My thought here is that I'm pretty impressed with this community and I'd like to give those here a chance if they'd like rather than having to deal with all the recruiter BS (both for the candidate and myself).

Please respond with your up or down votes to let me (and maybe others) know if job posting (I'm not a recruiter and this is a very legitimate and real position) is acceptable.

by Jermny via /r/csharp

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