Volunteering work for organisations that help to preserve nature (repost from /r/ruby)

I'm a programmer and team leader with a day job and I've been a long time open source contributor. Recently, I finished one of my side projects and I was thinking what to do next.

With my free time (10 hours a week) I'd like to help organisations that helps preserving nature, environment and wild life. I imagine that most of them would benefit from help of a seasoned programmer.

I've done a bit of research and I don't know how to even start. How to get in touch with them and actually where to find an organisation that I can associate with.

I live in New Zealand and I plan to contact some of the local ones by email, but I wouldn't mind (almost the opposite) any remote collaboration.

Do you have any ideas, suggestions, recommendations or contacts?

by jakubgarfield via /r/csharp

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