Suggestions for a client not paying

Okay so I've been working on some software for a client since May last year. Problems with contractors have delayed the project incredibly but now I have a reliable guy doing half the work. I'm doing the other half myself.

At this point, the client is pretty much 4 months behind paying me. Obviously I have my expenses and operating costs and the retainer that the client was paying me was supposed to cover these expenses.

The retainer is only $150/month but I'm not in the US, I'm in South Africa. Exchange rates multiply the dollar by 12 so that comes to almost 2k/month in local currency.

The total of money due to me at this point is 8k and I've got no indication when he'll pay me. This is not to mention the money due to my contractor…

Given that the job is almost a year behind, I'm inclined to continue working on the software, buuuut since I've basically been working for free for 3 months, I'm considering stopping work pending payment.

Anyone got any suggestions for me?

by ortund via /r/csharp

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