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Hi, I'm trying to search and replace a certain string such but only when the string is by itself, for example when st is by itself it wants to be replaced with stop. I have this working after using the top example here:

I have now found an issue when trying to match on a word that contains a regex special character, I am trying to match on br$ but due to $ being a regex special character the match fails. I have modified my extension method to be the following:

public static string SafeReplace(this string input, string find, string replace, bool matchWholeWord) { var escapedFind = Regex.Escape(find.Trim()); string textToFind = matchWholeWord ? string.Format(@"\b{0}\b", escapedFind) : escapedFind; var newtext = Regex.Replace(input.Trim(), textToFind, replace) + " "; return newtext; } 

This still doesn't seem to work, if I remove the \b (the regex word boundary character) it seems to work but this obviously stops it matching on strings that are only by themselves.

Can anyone help me out?


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