Program/website interaction. Tutorials needed

So a few days ago I had this little idea that it would be funny if I could let a program automatically vote a set number of times using proxies on

I know there is a dubious tool for it and that there are more sophisticated ones being developed but I wanna do my one little project to learn by doing.

I am not a very experienced programmer. I just about know the basics of object-oriented programming so I am a little lost with a number of things dispite the concept being simple.

To avoid misunderstandings, here is how I imagine the program working: A little window to insert the/number for the strawpoll site to be voted on. aditionally a path to a .txt containing a list of proxies(realistically Im not going to touch automated proxysearch just yet). Also it obviously needs something to specify which option to actually vote for. the program then parses the list of proxies, voting once for each and it maybe even has a progress bar and returns errors for unresponsive proxies.

Here is what I have problems with: I dont know how to have the program "interpret" the website or how to interpret it myself to know hat inquiries I have to send to the site to tell it vote for "…" also how to send it via proxy.

The whole thing seems very confusing which – to finally get to the point- is why I am asking for some help, most preferably in the form of tutorial links that lead me to understanding program/website interaction step by step to a point where I can use it.

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