Problem with linking datagridview to MS Access table with OleDB

Hello and good to you fellas.

I've been struglin with linking datagridview to my existing MS access table through OleDB.

Basically what i'm trying to do:

i have multiple tables named "Groups","Groups2", "Groups3" etc.

So by clicking respective button on form ( i'm loading one table to datagridview.

What i need is link datagridview to access so i can save any edits i made in datagrid.

I tried next code with no success :

At the moment i'm experimenting with functions Monday_Click and Save_Click

Exception thrown: Syntax Error in UPDATE Statement in da.Update(timetable) command. That's really strange, because OleDbCommandBuilder is supposed to creaty insert\delete\update queries.

So, what am i missing?

Help me reddit, you are my only hope!

by Vpolne via /r/csharp

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