Need some help working with entity framework.

I'm helping to build a web based database application for an internship. I'm pretty new to .net, EF, and MVC but I've been able to pick up on a lot of things by looking through the code.

My main question is what are the ways that data can be passed from the view to the controller?

I'm continuing the work of another student so I can see based on her work that the data is exchanged through basic posts and gets. The current feature I am trying to implement is a text area that allows the user to add notes to a particular client in the database so they have an audit trail and can better keep track of their clients. I want this text area to go on the clients details page. If possible, I would like the data to be submitted without a page refresh. Is there a way to do a post without a page refresh? Or are there any other ways to get data to the controller so I can work with it and put it in the database?

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