[Meta] Upcoming Subreddit Changes

Over the next little while, we're going to be making some quality of life changes to the subreddit. These changes will be outlined here and you can provide any feedback or ideas you would like to see implemented.

Post Tagging

Adding tags to posts will help users identify the kind of posts they would like to see. A good example of a subreddit with clear tags is /r/incremental_games. Some tags that could be used:

  • Meta
  • Tutorial
  • News
  • Language Discussion
  • Help
  • Blog

If you have ideas for additional worthwhile tags, or a different/better name for the above tags, or feel that a tag should not be included, we'd like to hear them!

Tag Filtering

Implementing post tagging has the benefit that we can then start filtering subreddit content based on what you want to see. An example subreddit that does this is /r/ffxiv (there is a "FILTERS" menu near the top-left) This way you can view /r/csharp without the [Help] tag, or without the [Blog] tag if you wish.

Weekly Sticky Megathread

The weekly sticky megathread would be intended for "single-answer" type self-posts. The kind that usually don't promote much discussion and are looking for quick help debugging something, or looking for a library/tool, or asking "how do I do this", or whatever. Because these kind of submissions rarely produce much discussion and tend to be downvoted, this can hopefully clean up /r/csharp/new and help people upvote good discussion material.

So instead of making a full text self-post, you would go to the megathread and make a comment asking your question. Other people interested in answering can check the megathread and whip off answers.

The larger unanswered issue might be what we do with self-posts that should be in the megathread but are posted anyway. We're leaning towards simply informing them about the megathread and encouraging them to repost their question there (and delete the thread they posted), but otherwise not forceably remove their posts. At least this might be the position for the short-term to let users know. Any thoughts?

Rule Changes

We don't have any plans to update or enforce any particular subreddit rules yet. The only exception would be to support the above: you must tag your posts. We haven't decided whether to prohibit single-answer-self-posts yet, so it may not be an enforceable "official rule". (Though that might change based on discussions here or how effective the megathread is)

So, these are the few things that will be implemented soon. Once they are implemented, we'll re-evaluate the subreddit and make any changes necessary, or add new rules, or add new features, or whatever is warranted.

Any thoughts, questions, concerns, or ideas? Anything else you would like to see implemented?

by FizixMan via /r/csharp

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