Looking for learning resources specific to C#/SQL Server

Are there any best resources for learning how to design Windows Forms applications that basically just run a set of SQL commands?

For work, I have about 7 different application user databases that I need to join with our HR database that is a bit of a mess. This involves writing the HR database to a temp table, joining the application users and user access tables to that and then pulling data from our IAM system. The largest app takes about 17 minutes to run, so I run the results out to a table that I can use to set up a report for the end user.

Currently, she needs to tell me when she wants updated data. It could be once a month, or it could be multiple times throughout the week.

I would like to give her an application with a button for each application that would kick off the whole process that I currently run in SSMS.

I have been playing around a little blindly, but I'm wondering what my best option is for real documentation/books/videos on this specific topic.

I have worked through some material related to local databases, but haven't come across any good resources for SQL Server interaction in an enterprise environment. (VS2013 with Sql Server 2008)

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