[Job Posting][Boston] I’m trying to find a full-time Senior (or strong midlevel) full stack developer.

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I work for a financial firm in the Boston Financial District and I'm looking for a full stack developer. I'm mainly looking for a truly senior level guy. I'm willing to accept a midlevel person if their personality and passion is in the right places. The phone screens and interview process is pretty thorough so there's not much chance of BSing a candidates way through. The product is an internally facing system that operates on client, account, asset, benchmark, client holdings, etc data that provides the data both via a web app and through a series of WCF APIs for reporting and performance analysis etc. This position is about 40% maintenance and 60% new development. This is not a position you can work remotely all the time (even though working from home when your kid is sick or something else comes up is obviously understood and fine… work life balance and all). We expect candidates to follow or be familiar with well known technologists in their field and show a passion and desire for always learning more.

Technologies (stack) used:

  • SQL Server 2012
  • Entity Framework 6 (heavily)
  • LINQ (heavily)
  • C# (obviously heavily)
  • WebAPI
  • WCF (providing for some internally facing APIs)
  • RabbitMQ
  • Single-page application
  • KnockoutJS
  • RequireJS
  • SignalR
  • KendoUI

A candidate must be able to thoroughly explain:

  • Data structures and how MS implements them in .NET
  • Relational databases
  • N-Tiered architecture

Must have knowledge and actual practical use of:

  • Design patterns
  • Entity Framework
  • API consumption/design

While this is a full stack developer spot, there is about 20% front end, 60% back and middle tier, 20% SQL. The spot is either full time or contract to hire. We don't sponsor visas. Compensation entirely depends on where the candidate techs out but the initial target for a full time senior-level guy is roughly $130k-$160k. We can go higher if needed but it just depends on where the candidate techs out. No prior financial experience necessary though it is a plus (I didn't have the JS or financial experience prior to coming on). This is a position where you can come in and carve out your own niche. Make sections of the code "your own" and whatnot. I don't expect a candidate to know everything about everything but they must be able to speak in detail about SOMETHING and have STRONG communication skills. You will be business facing so it's important you can sit in a meeting and contribute meaningfully.

The firm has a lot of nice benefits:

  • Completely free healthcare. No premiums, reimbursed copays (even out of network)
  • No vacation day policy (most people take 4-5 weeks a year but it isn't tracked at all)
  • SEP IRA (instead of 401k). Gives you higher tax advantaged savings and control over where you put your money.
  • The ability to invest in our firm's funds (usually our funds have a $5m-$10m minimum requirement)
  • 100% tuition assistance (full time employees only and only for degree programs directly related to your position).
  • Conference travel (Going to Build this year)
  • Lunch-and-learn sessions weekly

If you are interested or have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a PM and I'll pass on some more company info and where you can email your resume.

Thank you for your consideration.

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