Is Wix it the correct technology to use for programmatically creating this Windows Service installer?

I have 3 components, all built in C# or JS: An agent, an application server, and a website.

This is the operation of the application. The user goes to the website and downloads an agent installer to their computer. This agent installer must install an agent identified by the user's unique ID. The user installs the unique-user-ID agent to their computer. The unique-user-ID agent installs as a Windows Service and reports data to an application server, which feeds data to the website for the user to view.

I need to programmatically create the unique-user-ID agent installer. I figured I could do this by changing a config file before it goes into the agent installer. I could have all of the dlls, config files, etc. set aside in the folder. When the user wants to download an agent, I would record the requesting user's unique ID, put it into a config file, and then create the installer with the edited config file.

My questions are:

Will Wix allow me to create an installer for a Windows Service?

Can I program when and what to put into an installer made with Wix?

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