Is Microsoft still developing MsTest?

While on Codeplex looking at the code for Identity 2.0, I noticed that the project used xUnit instead of MsTest. Looking deeper, I saw that the same thing was true of Katana, Entity Framework, MVC, Web-API, and Web Pages.

I thought it might just be a case of all the more open-source focused projects were switched, but I inspected the innards of the recently open-sourced MsBuild, and it still uses MsTest.

Is this a sign that Microsoft is transitioning away from MsTest for all their newer projects, or is it just a coincidence of the teams building more modern just so happened to be more receptive to open-source alternatives?

A part of me wants to say coincidence, but I haven't heard of any new features from MsTest in quite some time.

by DoctorCIS via /r/csharp

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