Is graphics rendering the wild west? Bit vague on D3D vs. Win SDK vs. alternatives

Preface: Not doing game development here or anything particularly intensive from a graphics standpoint. I mostly work with physics simulation and/or "glue code" applications. Numeric results usually get viewed in third party data viewer applications built for basic 2D charting.

Dawned on me though – might be nice to be able to visually display the orientation of these physical bodies relative to each other. I should be able to get the vertex/face geometry definitions pretty easily, and the math to transform the vertices through some arbitrary translation and rotation should be easy enough.

But how do you actually display that?

Naive me thought… well, C# and .NET are Microsoft platforms, and I know there's DirectX and Direct3D – maybe there's an easy link between them. So I find the DirectX SDK and some examples.. and then see oh that's no longer being developed, those elements have been rolled into the Win8.x SDK. Then I see there's SharpDX, SlimDX and some other 3rd party stuff floating around there.

So what's the current state of things? I'd certainly like to use something that's live rather than dead/deprecated. I generally prefer stock libraries to third party – but I could go either way there. Best suggestions? As an aside, all this stuff is for purely internal, limited distribution consumption. Maybe a half dozen users total.


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