How would one go about parsing this?

I am in the process of creating a console application that connects via WebSocket to /r/thebutton's ticking timer to write what the timer is currently at to the console. However, Json.Net is seemingly unable to parse the WebSocket data, as only blank lines are written and json2csharp states that it is invalid Json.

And so, I ask you, what this mystery (likely incredibly obvious) format is.

{{"type": {"ticking", "payload": {"participants_text": "784,572", "tick_mac":"b6f5371144facb1f7f26f6d328dc5576e340b4a3", "seconds_left":43.0, "now_str": "2015-04-19-05-22-55"}} 

by ___Locke____ via /r/csharp

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