How to build a password vault?

tl;dr: Can you point me to resources on encrypting and decrypting process and best practices or any experience so I can build a program in C# to store passwords encrypted and decrypt them with another password or something.

Story time:

A family member of mine is what I would call a conspiracy nut. Recently he started to get into security and privacy. He came to me and asked me if I would build him a "password vault" that will store all his passwords for various websites, computers, devices, etc. and wants it encrypted and all of that, oh yeah and it can't get stored on the cloud (that was funny to me when he said it like that).

I of course told him about other programs to use and everything, but he thinks that the government has access to all of those or can break into it or something about aliens. But he really wants me to build one, so my question is how do I go about learning about the best practices for encrypting and decrypting data in a C# program. What are some good resources? Any other help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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