Help: Struggling With C# Windows 8.1 Store App

I am building a simple Windows Store 8.1 app. This app uses the splitpage template. I cannot figure out a proper way to parse data into this list using data binding. I tried following several tutorials and browsing others code, including Microsoft templates. I cannot get this to work.

Finally, I decided to enter my data in via a class I created and fed that class into a new generic List<string>. I have been able to parse out the data for the left hand listviewer, but I cannot get the description text in the scrollviewer to populate.

Here is my xaml.cs code on pastbin. Here is my xaml layout code.

I have been at this for a week and cannot crack it. I have tried every combination I can think of to parse data out into the main view. I feel like I am close, but could use some help.

Error at Line 65. This is caused by adding this parameter (List<string> scholarshipText) to itemListView_SelectionChanged at line 192.

I tried making that List string = null, in effort to set it as an optional parameter. I also tried creating an overloaded method. Any ideas?

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