Calling Process.Start on an EXE in the same solution

Apologies in advance if my description here is a bit muddled, but it's because I principally don't really understand the best way to approach this problem.

For starters, my project :

A solution that includes several projects, principally MVC and WPF.

What I'm trying to do :

I have one WPF project (WPF_1) that I want to instantiate from another WPF project (WPF_2).

One way of doing this, I've gathered, is to call Process.start(WPF_1.exe) from within WPF_2. However, I don't want to provide a static path to the EXE since I don't want to check the binary into source control.

Thus, WPF_1 will need to build (presumably to /bin/debug?) before WPF_2 can successfully call it. I have WPF_1 included as a reference inside WPF_2, and do not have a specific path included in the Process.Start call (e.g. Process.start("wpf1.exe")).

On my local machine, everything works. However, as soon as I check it into source control and pull it down in another working directory (or machine), everything breaks. Specifically, VS returns the following error :

CSC "path\wpf1.exe could not be found"

I know this is like bush league shit, and I'm clearly missing something totally fundamental (I'm a complete crap developer, so there's that), but I have no idea how to fix this. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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